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2015 & 2016

Sports League Content Design


2015 season - ideate and execute as a photographer

2016 seasons - create content strategies and then lead the team to execute in collaboration, as a director

We were tasked with the job of creating digital artifacts for the teams’ social media channels through their respective seasons lasting two months for IPL and three months for ISL. The aim of the projects was to increase fan base and online interactions through the teams’ social media channels, namely their websites, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles. I have chosen these large scale projects to showcase the work created while working in multidisciplinary teams to a client brief and using a range of skills like creative film making, photography, planning, understanding social interactions and designing for them.

Vivo IPL 2016 The Final – RCB v SRH

Photo by Deepak Malik / IPL/ SPORTZPICS

This was a good day.

After a slow start SRH went on to win the championship in 2016. The content strategy for SRH was more celebratory in addition to the journalistic approach of keeping the fans abreast with the players during the season. SRH has a current fan base on Facebook of over 4.5 million fans. At the start of the 2016 season they were a little over 2.5 million fans

SRH videos

A glimpse of some of the videos created

FCG finished the season at the bottom of the table. FCG has a current fan base on Facebook of over 400K fans. They started the season with just over 300K fans. The strategy was always fan focused, but changed direction to celebrating the passionate fans and the legacy of the game in the state of Goa. Keeping the fans engaged when the team is trailing at the bottom of the table was a challenge. We chose to balance the tone of the content so as to be supportive of the team yet acknowledge the disappointments of the fans while at the same time being aspirational about the future, backed by the legacy of the game in the state.

FCG stats 2
FCG stats

We created a mini documentary focusing on a Super Fan who is very well recognized by the fans and the team, showcasing an extra layer of his life story to the fans.

Other series of videos that we created focused on the culture of Football in the state of Goa. In one of these we went around the state capturing daily scenes at the small community grounds where the kids play and train. Series titled – ‘Fields of Goa’.

Then we interviewed legends of Indian Football who hail from the state of Goa and are largely responsible for the present passion for the game in the state – ‘Architects of Goan Football’

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