Euphonic Chairs

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"This is not a quiet library except for in specific sections so marked."

"Some of the sections have an atmosphere that is opposite of what is intended."

"Not all sections are well utilised."

"Modern libraries are not just about books, they are more like third spaces."

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Concept: A interactive sound installation in a section of the Malm√∂ Stadsbiblioteket (City Library). To create an ambience and a sense of informality and play. 

A bank of 10 rotating chairs in the magazine section were chosen to create a parasitic effect for the desired ambience. The chairs produce euphonic sounds when someone sits on them and rotates around. Many people together can make a piece of music.

Using an Arduino with a gyroscope, sound samples can be mapped to the angles of rotation creating smooth flowing sounds. Each chair can be assigned a different note in a scale. Different instruments can be used in samples for variations. 

Euphonic chairs first sketch

First Sketch

Storyboard 1
storyboard 2

  Storyborads by Yenika Castillo & Lia Meilyawati


Team members: Yenika Castillo, Angelika Losko, Lia Meilyawati

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