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Himanshu Rohilla

William Doherty

Ivan Davoud


Main contributions in user research, workshop planning and execution, concept definition, and video production. Provided strategic direction and lead the team through the design process.


Detailed process paper can be accessed here: Creating Networks of Collaboration for Sustainable Housing.

What is ceko?

Concept for an open source architecture platform facilitating collaboration between people and organisations interested in creating sustainable housing in their area

An interactive exhibition piece and workshop tool showcasing and exploring the circular economy with ceko circles

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ceko house

The house as a living lab in Lund, Sweden

Dr. Marwah Dabaieh designed a sustainable, carbon negative and energy positive straw house as a possible solution for the refugee housing crisis. Realising that the building practices had larger potential for adoption, she collaborated with us to figure out how to move forward with the project. 

It was hence an exploratory project in making sense of the house in various contexts and how a service could be set up to organically grow towards a larger adoption of these building practices in different contexts.

The project is ongoing and we were part of it for a short period. Our task hence was to first identify potential users for such a house.


The project progressed by way of workshops interspersed with design sprints for synthesis of information and learnings from the workshops. Detailed process paper can be accessed here: Creating Networks of Collaboration for Sustainable Housing.

Borrowing from learnings in the domain of social innovation we chose an overall strategic goal of achieving Collective Impact, using the model of interessement and an approach of infrastructuring. Two specific areas of focus for design work were service image + voice of the project, and to get started in the direction of design for a service.


3 levels

Service Image

One of the first workshop's was with the client (our collaborator) to understand her vision for the project, what the brand might look like and what its business objectives might be?

This was mostly done from a brand personification perspective and putting the imagined brand in different situations and trying to distil its essential characteristics. 


The image guidelines produced for which one of the inputs was the workshop as seen in the image below

Stakeholder workshop for service image

Workshop with Dr. Dabaieh to understand her vision for the project

"Innovation needs allies, who take it up, support it, diffuse it"

Collective Impact

Requirements for achieving collective impact:

- Common agenda between different actors affecting the project

- Mutually reinforcing activities with adherance to common principles that support the common agenda

Stakeholder map

Exploration of stakeholders, their motivations, and how they might connect

actor network map

Extended exploration of stakeholders and their likely support or opposition (to be verified later)


Listing of contextual associations when the house is built under different needs

Sustainability and context exploration workshop

Understanding the project from a sustainability perspective and classifying into contexts of 'needs' and 'wants'. 

Participants were students of sustainability and leadership. Each had previously been introduced to the project by Dr. Dabaieh. They were asked to bring with them items from their everyday life of, 3 each of what they 'need' and 'want'. This was done to sensitise the group and get thinking about needs and wants in our lives. After this the group went on to discuss various contexts the house could be used in, each time refering to the sustainability chracteristics and whether it would be a need or a want.

2018-02-21 12.33.58
2018-02-21 14.31.44
2018-02-21 14.31.51
2018-02-21 14.32.03
2018-02-21 14.32.09
2018-02-21 14.32.12
2018-02-21 14.32.25
2018-02-21 15.20.45

Trans-disciplinary workshop

Participants were representing some of the collaborating stakeholders - municipality, material experts, researchers, architects and craftmen. Missing yet important collaborators were - material suppliers, and representatives from the construction businesses.

Participants, in pairs, were given a blank box and asked to fill in  characteristics of the house as shown in the slide (image 4). After all boxes were completed, all participants got around a table to discuss (image 12) the differences and address the cautions they had listed. They all then deliberated how the project might move forward. 

2018-03-06 08.55.29
2018-03-06 08.55.58
2018-03-06 08.56.13
2018-03-06 11.05.10
2018-03-06 13.59.14
2018-03-06 13.59.20
2018-03-06 13.59.30
2018-03-06 13.59.48
2018-03-06 14.01.45
2018-03-06 14.02.20

 Findings from workshops:

- The need for education about materials, and building & use practices

- Working towards increasing their acceptance with individuals use

- Portraying methods as hi-tech and advanced despite the cheap price tag

- Multiple possible use cases

- Connecting people - circular economy

Service Design

This is the point where we exited the project after creating a very basic conceptual idea and plan for moving forward. The next steps involve designing a service around the house, building materials and practices. Making available open sourced plans, step by step guide to material procurement and building, designing various service touchpoints, and a supply network.

A concept model for circular engagement has been proposed and appreciated. This is briefly explaind in the video at the start of this page. Sometimes also referred to as ceko circles, it is the bringing together of collaborators for a project. 

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