In my second year as a professional music photographer I self published a photo book titled A(LIVE) featuring my work photographing live music events in the year 2014. At a time when the narrative was of a hollow indie/underground music scene, I was busy all year round photographing this very counter culture. I chose to publish this book to showcase the quantum of events that were held through the year and those which were documented by just one photographer. It is a collection of photographs from club shows, mid sized arenas and music festivals that were organised in the year 2014.

because books say it better.

(A)LIVE intro


A(LIVE) is a snippet of what went down in the Indian indie music scene in 2014, in Mumbai and (barely) Pune. It is a collection of some of the more memorable photographs I produced in my first year as a music photographer. 

It is the culmination of my first productive year of surviving cancer. It is a reminder of why I picked up the camera again, after having given up on it a few years ago.

But more than anything it is my tiny tribute to the musicians who do what they do, against all odds. Their passion and energy kept me going and I hope to have captured some of it in this book.

To me this is a memoir of my year gone by.

Consume it. If you like it, share it. If you don't, then as they say...

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