Himanshu Rohilla

Tl;dr version: I am an Interaction Designer currently based in Malmö, Sweden. I love solving problems and making sense of things. My interests and work lie somewhere on the cusp of technology, culture and society. I am originally from India.

Long read: I am an Interaction Designer currently based in Malmö, Sweden. I have recently finished my second master’s degree, which is what brought me to Sweden. I enjoy learning and education allows me to know myself better through new experiences. I have always been drawn to problem solving, aesthetics and nature but it has taken me several journeys through places, cultures and occupations to arrive at this work identity and to Sweden.

My interest for computer programming led to my formal education in computer engineering and subsequent work in the IT industry for a few years. My passion for travel, music and the entertainment industries had me move closer to the field of arts through a masters degree in London in Music and Creative Economy. Here I pursued further in the domain of visual aesthetics and business. I briefly worked as a digital marketeer but soon found that I get most satisfaction when creating things. Since then I have broadly been involved in the domain of visual content, usually being responsible for one or more of these - creation, strategy, planning and management. I have experienced a failed business startup and then helped with another, which is still going strong.

Seeking more challenging problems got me to Interaction Design and here I feel at home. Get in touch with me at: mail@himanshurohilla.com

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